WhatsApp: Private or Public

Via siliconangle.com

Via siliconangle.com

WhatApp seems to be one of the most revered apps of this year, with its user friendly interface and originality. All apps come with their fair share of flaws and bugs but WhatsApp does an incredibly good job at keeping up with the competition, so much, that it caught Facebook’s attention.

Facebook showed us all why they are the kings of online networking by purchasing WhatsApp, Rockefeller would be proud if he were here to witness this monopolistic achievement, also, Facebook hasn’t exactly took their foot off the gas peddle, they purchased Instagram in 2012 and with this move in 2014 they showed the online world they don’t plan on slowing down.

Numerous questions have arisen since the purchase of WhatApp which has caused a stir up among online communities. While the average user may not think they are being monitored or observed, the educated user has found some disturbing trends, which detail a vivid liberal agenda.

Personally, this is an alarming discovery, because this now means that the United States Government will have more information to go off of, which turns in to less privacy for many Americans. Sadly, Facebook and the U.S. Government have been working together for many years now, using ‘Terrorist’ as an excuse to view all of our online lives.

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